Sourdough Starter Kit

What is a Sourdough Starter Culture?

A sourdough starter culture is the soul of your bread!  It is made up of the wild yeast found in the air around us and Lactobacillus bacteria, harmoniously living in a mixture of flour and water. These wild yeast and bacteria feed on the carbohydrates (sugars) in the flour and produce carbon dioxide that forms the bubbles that make your bread rise. This process is called Lacto-Fermention.

 Once a sourdough starter is alive and being fed fresh flour and water on a regular basis, it will last a lifetime. Some sourdough starters are hundreds of years old and have been passed down to family members, sometimes even as a dowry. Some people name their starters, and around the world there are sourdough hotels for when people travel and they need someone to look after their precious sourdough starter culture.

Though the true magic of your SOURDOUGH STARTER CULTURE is this:

The wild yeast and bacteria in the starter culture pre-digest the flour and neutralise the phytic acids (which are present in all grains and seeds) as the bread proves. This allows the release of enzymes that are needed for the breakdown of proteins and starch in the stomach, making the bread easier to digest.

Creating your own sourdough starter culture or nurturing and loving the one you have brings satisfaction, healthy bread, and you will discover a connection between nature and science.  It’s not hard to make a sourdough starter from scratch, so I encourage you to try to make your own.

In the meantime, this dehydrated version of my 7-year-old starter culture will start you on your baking journey.  It is strong and potent and has been the soul of hundreds of loaves of delicious sourdough. It is made from organic stone milled wheat flour and filtered water. If you follow the included instructions carefully you will be able to use this starter within three days. It needs to be revitalised and fed flour and water to reactivate it, then your sourdough journey begins.  This starter is perfect to use with any sourdough bread recipe.

Enjoy your baking journey.


Sourdough- the joy is in the mastery

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